A Board of Managers representing the six New England states directs NESCOE’s affairs and engagement in regional issues. Each Governor appoints a NESCOE Manager. Regardless of the number of individuals each Governor appoints as a NESCOE Manager, each New England state has one undivided vote in arriving at NESCOE determinations.

NESCOE makes policy determinations with a majority vote (i.e., a numerical majority of the states) and a majority weighted to reflect relative electric load of each state within the region’s overall load. Nearly all NESCOE determinations have been unanimous, reflecting the New England states’ efforts to achieve consensus on matters of regional electricity policy.

In addition, representatives from various agencies within state governments and New England Governors’ offices contribute their diverse expertise to NESCOE on various matters. NESCOE appreciates the contributions these perspectives provide to its policy determinations.

  • Philip L. Bartlett II


  • Katie S. Dykes


  • June Tierney


  • Jared Chicoine

    New Hampshire

  • Ronald T. Gerwatowski

    Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

  • Christopher Kearns

    Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

  • Jason Marshall


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