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Dated: October 1, 2012

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Background – Increased reliance on natural gas-fired generation resources may present a strategic risk to New England’s power system.  For example, ISO-NE has observed that sufficient gas may not be available to meet power system needs during periods of high seasonal demand, under other stressed system conditions, or when facing contingencies associated with natural gas supply/transportation system infrastructure.   The region’s generation fleet’s reliance on natural gas is increasing due in part to low gas prices.  Electric consumers benefit from power generators’ use of low cost natural gas, which may also provide environmental benefits relative to other fuels. However, ISO-NE suggests that current and expected levels of gas usage and the potential for gas unavailability may also threaten the reliability of the electric system due to infrastructure limitations and/or potential gas supply interruptions.

March 31, 2014, Final Report of the New England Gas-Electric Focus Group

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