States Preference on FCM Renewables Exemption – Language


Dated: November 7, 2011

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FCM Redesign: NESCOE Proposal
Redlined Market Rules
November 7, 2011

Insert New Definition in Section I:

Renewable Technology Resource means energy derived from wind power, solar power, methane gas from landfills, biomass facilities 1 , hydro facilities provided such facility has a generating capacity of no more than five megawatts, and ocean power.

Other technologies may be defined as a Renewable Technology Resource at such time the States of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island statutes or regulations define such technology as eligible to satisfy the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements and the State of Vermont’s statutes or regulations defines such technology as eligible to satisfy its renewable energy goal.

Market Rule 1, Appendix A

III.A.21.1.1 Offer Review Trigger Prices for the Seventh Forward Capacity Auction. The Offer Review Trigger Prices for the seventh Forward Capacity Auction (for the Capacity Commitment Period beginning on June 1, 2016) shall be as follows:

Resource Type Offer Review Trigger Price ($/kW-month)
Combustion Turbine $10.00
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine $11.00
Biomass $24.00
Wind $14.00
Real-Time Demand Response $1.00
Energy Efficiency $0.00

Notwithstanding the above, any generation resource that meets the definition of a Renewable Technology Resource, including any wind resource, shall have an Offer Review Trigger Price equal to $0.00. III.A.21.1.2 Calculation of Offer Review Trigger Prices.

Insert (e)

Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, for all Renewable Technology Resources, the IMM shall not review the Offer Review Trigger Prices for these resources or increase the Offer Review Trigger Prices for these resources above $0.00.

1 Eligibility of biomass in Massachusetts is currently under consideration by the Massachusetts DOER. Until Massachusetts adopts final regulations, biomass eligibility is suspended in Massachusetts.