Update to NEPOOL on Infrastructure Initiative


Dated: May 27, 2014

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New England Governors’ Infrastructure Initiative
NEPOOL Transmission Committee Update
May 27, 2014


  • Report on NEPOOL Sector Meetings
  • Update on continuing State Discussions
  • Gas Concept Request for Feedback & Next Step

NEPOOL Sector Meetings

  • States met with each NEPOOL Sector over two days – March 31 & April 14
    • States appreciated Sector member time in preparing for and attending discussions
    • States provided written summary of Sector meetings in memo dated April 29, 2014
  • Common Issues/Questions Across Sectors
    • Whether supportive or concerned about state action, there was generally consistent agreement that New England has a problem to solve
    • Nature of the problem: reliability and economic competitiveness
    • Markets vs. other means
    • ISO-NE role

Status of State Discussions To Date

No and/or Low Carbon Resources
  • Anticipate one-time solicitation for incremental transmission
  • All states share in costs of transmission
  • EDC participation in seeking & evaluating power proposals critical, in some states statutorily required
    • States developing protocols to address EDC Conflicts of Interest
  • States that enter power contracts will share power costs
Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Anticipate one-time solicitation for incremental capacity
  • Will request proposals priced in increments of 200 mmcf/day, to allow the evaluation of the cost of adding sufficient increments of additional capacity to achieve levels of at least 1bcf above 2013 levels.
  • Seeking input on, alternatives to concept states set out in April 30, 2014 memo by May 30, 2014

Cost Allocation on Transmission, Pipeline: Still talking, anticipate consensus view in the near-term

Natural Gas Pipeline Development Concept

The six New England states are interested in exploring a concept through which to develop incremental gas pipeline for electric power system reliability as explained in a memorandum dated April 30, 2014. The states welcome comment –

  • On the approach generally, and on characteristics of contracting entity and capacity manager to best serve electric customers and to minimize transaction costs
  • On any alternative configurations and structural means to minimize market distortions
  • On the utility proposal as set forth in April 22, 2014 letter to NESCOE
  • On specific going-forward market adjustments that would eliminate the need for state action to ensure reliability and economic competitiveness through infrastructure investment after the one-time action currently in process

States presently intend to advance a proposal to NEPOOL for discussion in June toward a Participant Committee vote in September.

Comments to by May 30, 2014.

Based on review of input, states may request more detailed expressions of interest from entities interested in serving as a contracting entity in early June.