Request for Technical Support to the New England States’ Efforts to Pursue Federal Funding Opportunities


Dated: July 18, 2023

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New England States Committee on Electricity


To:                  ISO-NE

From:             NESCOE

Date:               July 17, 2023

Subject:          Technical Support to the New England States’ Efforts to Pursue Federal Funding Opportunities

The purpose of this memorandum is to affirm the New England States’ interest in receiving technical support from ISO-NE in connection with the states’ efforts to secure federal transmission funding. NESCOE is requesting that ISO-NE take appropriate steps, including pursuing tariff revisions if that is the preferred path, to provide the states this support.

As you are aware, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has made funds available to modernize the power grid and make it more reliable and resilient. The New England States are competing with other regions and states for federal funding under the Grid Innovation Program to accelerate grid transformation in New England and to lower costs for New England consumers. New England States’ applications for federal funding benefit from ISO-NE collaborating with the states and providing its technical expertise and guidance to them.

Earlier this year, ISO-NE provided limited technical analysis in connection with states’ applications to DOE for funding related to projects establishing points-of-interconnection for offshore wind. In the next round of DOE funding under the Grid Innovation Program, the states may seek greater technical support from ISO-NE, including more detailed analysis and assistance in evaluating concepts or proposals. To the extent that ISO-NE deems it necessary or appropriate to seek tariff language that clarifies ISO-NE’s ability to provide the New England States with this technical support, it should do so.  The technical support that NESCOE requests is squarely aligned with ISO-NE’s core role as the region’s transmission planner and will provide benefits for both the New England power system and its consumers. Any such clarifying language should not be limited in time or to a particular federal agency or program to ensure that ISO-NE can provide the New England States with technical support for similar state efforts in the future.

NESCOE appreciates ISO-NE partnering with the states on these critically important funding opportunities, which will help ready New England’s transmission for the future and mitigate consumer costs.