Comments on Draft 2015 Regional System Plan


Dated: July 23, 2015

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To: ISO‐NE/Planning Advisory Committee
From:  NESCOE (Contact: Dorothy Capra)
Date:  July 23, 2015
Subject: Comments/Edits to Draft 2015 Regional System Plan

The New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) appreciates the opportunity to review and offer comments on the draft 2015 Regional System Plan (RSP).  NESCOE’s comments lend themselves to redlined edits, the same form of RSP feedback  many stakeholders provide to ISO-NE. However, ISO-NE classifies the entire 199 pages of the draft RSP as Critical Energy Infrastructure Information, which classification precludes NESCOE from sharing with stakeholders (and indeed, from sharing broadly with states) redlined comments on passages that have no connection to Critical Energy Infrastructure Information. To enable communication of comments on non-Critical Energy Infrastructure Information, NESCOE provides below snapshots of the draft with redlined comments. NESCOE encourages ISO-NE to mark information as Critical Energy Infrastructure Information when it is and not to mark information as such when it is not.

The draft RSP is very lengthy and includes many characterizations along with facts. That NESCOE does not express a view on many of the characterizations should not be interpreted as concurrence.

NESCOE appreciates ISO-NE’s consideration of its comments.

[download the pdf for screen shots of comments on the draft RSP]