Comment Opportunity on Coordinated Renewable Procurement


Dated: September 1, 2010

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September 2010

Update – Responses Received:

In response to direction from the New England Governors, the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) provided to the Governors a Report on Coordinated Renewable Procurement (the Report) on July 12, 2010.

The Report stated:

This Report reflects the preliminary perspective of the six New England states. Continued consideration of coordinated regional procurement requires considerable consultation with various New England stakeholders. This includes Electric Distribution Companies, renewable developers, municipal electric providers and electric aggregators representing competitive suppliers that may be interested, Canadians through the Northeast International Committee on Energy and others as appropriate. (Report at page 6.)

Accordingly, NESCOE welcomes preliminary input on the Report.

NESCOE will arrange conference calls with interested stakeholder groups to enable a dialogue between the states and stakeholders with common interests. Members of the states’ Coordinated Renewable Procurement Work Group who participated in the preparation of the Report and Ray Coxe of Mosaic Energy Insights, Inc. who has been retained by NESCOE on this matter may also participate in these discussions.

NESCOE also welcomes written communications on the Report from interested persons and organizations. Written remarks may be in the form of a letter or memo sent via e-mail to Written remarks will be posted at under Coordinated Procurement.

Consideration of these complex issues will be ongoing. It would be helpful to receive initial feedback on the Report on or about September 10, 2010. Input received thereafter will be considered as work progresses.

As the Report notes, issues associated with coordinated procurement are complex. This is an initial expression of interest in feedback on the concepts set forth in the Report, or alternatives to them that may meet the same objectives. Any comments identifying impediment(s) to coordinated renewable procurement should identify potential solutions or ways to overcome such impediment(s).

Further opportunity for input and conversation will follow. In addition, any related documents that may be produced, such as for example, a model Request for Proposal, will have mechanisms for input through appropriate forum(s)